"CQS: Strategic offensive" - FT

FT reports in it's City Insider section about a new strategic offensive by CQS, the hedge fund run by Sir Michael Hintze:

Lord Richards of Herstmonceux… has joined the global advisory board of $14bn hedge fund CQS. The UK’s former chief of the defence staff has taken up the non-fiduciary role, which involves offering strategic and geopolitical advice to CQS, the hedge fund founded by British-Australian billionaire Sir Michael Hintze.

During Lord Richards’ career, he commanded forces in East Timor and most notably Sierra Leone, where he led the defence of its capital Freetown against rebel forces, acting on his own initiative. Less well known is that Lord Richards spent an evening as a bodyguard for actress Joan Collins in Berlin in 1988. And his karaoke tune of choice is Elvis Presley’s Now or Never. It emerged this week that the last Labour government’s City minister, Lord Myners, has also joined CQS’s global advisory board.