Man's Luke Ellis discusses his career, time off on the family farm

In case you missed this Telegraph interview with Luke Ellis last year, it's definitely worth a read:

Ferraris, Dom Perignon and the Cote d'Azur are the typical trappings of millionaire hedge fund managers. As a rule, pigs don't get much of a look in. But Luke Ellis, the man many are tipping to be Man Group's next chief executive, gave it all up for farm animals. He says it was the best decision he ever made.

Last month, Ellis oversaw Man's acquisition of FRM, bringing to the listed hedge fund giant an extra $8bn (£5.2bn) of assets to manage. Ellis helped build FRM, a fund of hedge funds manager, from a $15m business a decade ago to a $15bn firm. But after a decade of high finance, and a veiled ultimatum from his wife, he packed it all in.

"My wife and I were having a dinner party and a friend of mine congratulated me for being in a position where I could retire at 50," he says. "But my wife just said that by the time I retired there probably wouldn't be anyone left in the house. It was a real moment." ... Keep reading