The Sunday Times' "Hedge Fund Rich List"

The Sunday Times has published a list of the richest people in Britain's hedge fund industry.  We'll take you through the top 10:

  • Topping the list is Alan Howard, "a star trader at Credit Suisse First Boston before he co-founded Brevan Howard 10 years ago."
  • Coming in at No. 2 is David Harding, "a Cambridge physicist [who] launched his London hedge fund in 1997."
  • At No. 3 is Russian-born Alexander Knaster, who "was a financial analyst before moving into banking in New York and London" and set up his hedge fund Pamplona Capital Management after a "stint" back in Russia.
  • At No. 4 is Louis Bacon, who runs trans-Atlantic firm Moore Capital Management and "has been one of Wall Street's highest earners."
  • Coming in at No. 5 is Michael Platt, who in his spare time is "busy in the art world, sponsoring young British talent like a modern-day Medici."
  • At No. 6 is CQS's Michael Hintze, who "has established the Hintze Family Charitable Foundation, backing projects from theatres and hospitals to churches and schools."
  • At No. 7 are Crispin Odey and his wife Nichola Pease. "Harrow and Oxford-educated Odey started in the City at 1982."
  • Taking the No. 8 spot is Stephen Butt, who was "formerly chief investment officer at Morgan Stanley Investment Management" and "quit in 1994 to set up Silchester."
  • At No. 9 is Osman Murgian, "a founding director of Winton Capital."
  • Tied at No. 10 are Steven Heinz, head of European strategy at Lansdowne, Christian Levett, "a former commodities trader [who] launched Clive Capital in 2007," and Sir Paul Ruddock, co-founder of Lansdowne Partners.